Top 10 attractions in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico doesn't simply have phenomenal style – this diamond of a Caribbean island has central core, and a beat that is overpowering. It's a land saturated with Spanish history and legacy, discovering its feet in its American present and still particularly figuring out how to keep up an unmistakably Puerto Rican soul. With amazing encounters for everybody, this is a goal that offers guests an unrivaled island escape. Here is my Top Ten attractions and encounters on this pearl of the Caribbean.

Old San Juan

Old San Juan is a dynamic jewel of culture and history, shipping you to some other time, where enormous fortifications neglect brilliant houses and courts shining with music, food and culture. Old San Juan is a most loved port of call for journey ships, and the town offers mind boggling shopping, from the biggest shopping center in the Caribbean down to nearby boutiques advertisement road craftsmans.


Puerto Rico offers a blend of societies including an enthusiastic blend of African, Taino, American and Spanish impacts. This intriguing mix reaches out to pretty much every part of Puerto Rican life including the cooking, expressions and artworks, music and the celebrations.

The food

San Juan has become a hot foodie goal in the Caribbean – regardless of whether it's a street side stand, a neighborhood food truck or another gourmet café, the food scene in San Juan and Puerto Rico is blasting and offers far beyond simply singed plantains, spit-simmered pork, stuffed Mofongo and rice and beans.


Puerto Rico offers a lot of experience remembering jumping of a cascade for the rainforest, zip-lining over a woods overhang, rappelling down the precipice face of a bat cavern or rowing through a sparkle in obscurity bioluminescent inlet.


At the point when the sun goes down in Puerto Rico is the point at which the nightlife gets moving. In Old San Juan head to La Factoria – as of late named as one of the best 50 bars on the planet. Extravagant difficult your hand with woman karma? The gambling clubs are consistently open and for those that affection to move, attempt the live salsa clubs or experience some the best DJ's in the Caribbean.

Sea shores

Puerto Rico is encircled by more than 270 miles of coastline with a portion of the top of the line sea shores on the planet. Furthermore, there is such a great amount to do, from surfing and parasailing to swimming and scuba jumping.


This zone situated on the southern shore of Puerto Rico is known as The Pearl of The South and is a memorable city. Do visit the Museum of Art, which is the biggest craftsmanship historical center in the Caribbean, and stop by Serrales Castle worked in the Spanish Revival style. Nature sweethearts make certain to visit Pelican Beach situated in the Caja de Muerto Reserve.

La Parguera

Heading towards the southwest in Puerto Rico carries you to La Paguera, which offers guests a plenty of sea shore exercises with probably the best swimming encounters in the Caribbean, including a bio luminescent straight. It's a long ways from its unassuming beginnings as a little angling town as today it is a famous vacationer territory ideal for the family with extraordinary nightlife on the ends of the week.

Bio straights

There are just a bunch of bio straights on the planet, and fortunately Puerto Rico is home to a large number of them, including Laguna Grande, La Parguera and Mosquito Bay. This regular marvel of little living beings producing a shine when upset must be seen.

Cueva Ventana

This window like cavern offers one of the most stunning and marvelous locales in all of Puerto Rico. The drive to this stunning perspective is an undertaking as well and scholars give voyages through the common cavern and offer accounts of the vegetation.

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